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How To Order

Galloway Food Hub Video Walkthrough

In this short video, we walk through placing an order on the Galloway Food Hub, from browsing products through to payment.

Step 1

Go to our Open Food Network site during our opening times. Opening times are every other Friday from midday until Tuesday midday. You can sign up for reminders here.

Please click on the ‘shop’ tab to see what we have in stock this week. Everything you see is available; once things are sold out they are no longer visible. (Please note you can only see the produce when the order cycle is open i.e. every other Friday – Tuesday.)

Step 2

You can either browse the full list (which is listed alphabetically) or use the filters at the top right of the list to filter into specific categories. You can add any amount of filters at once, and clear the filters using the clear button. You can also use the search bar to look for ‘eggs’ or ‘cheese’ or a producer ‘Hidden Veg’. 

Step 3

To add to your basket, just increase the unit number in the amount field and it automatically adds to your basket. When you have filled your basket with what you’d like to buy, click on the basket icon (top right corner of page) and choose to either edit your basket or check out. Items in your basket do not fully belong to you until you have checked out. Checkout is a three step process and you will receive a confirmation email once complete.

Step 4

We ask you to create an account with Open Food Network. It will make ordering more simple for you and us. Payment is by card through a secure reputable payment system called Stripe.


If you have forgotten something or would like to add more to your order. Please place an additional order by selecting the ‘second order’ shipping method which bypasses any fees and alerts us to you having 2+ orders. We are charged 20p for every order processed by the card company so please bear this in mind when adding low value items or adding multiple additional orders.