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What Organic Food Means To Me

Hi, I’m Lesley the Glenkens Food Hub Coordinator, a project of Propagate.

A long time ago I studied Food Science at the University of Leeds.

My first job in the food industry was in quality control on one of the least food-like substances that is still in the supermarkets today. Sunny Delight. Wow, that made me realise I wasn’t in the right place. This was not a place for a food lover. I had to taste this rubbish every day! It made me feel awful. This was so far removed from the real, delicious food that I knew. I moved away from big food industry and ‘chemical flavourings’ into the, as I thought at the time, more ‘natural’ wine industry. I realised it was still not as natural a process in the commercial wine world. So, I became drawn to the organic and biodynamic production methods of growing grapes and minimal intervention wine making techniques. They made total sense to me that this was the better way to do things.

So, for me organic means, striving to grow and make food the way things used to be, in harmony with nature.

Using natural inputs from waste plants and animal manure and providing a balanced natural habitat for wildlife. Also making food using only ingredients you’d find in your granny’s kitchen, no emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, or modified thickeners. Eating organically grown food gives me peace of mind that I’m doing the best thing for my health and the planet’s health. 

That’s why I’m so happy to be coordinating the food hub and championing all the amazing local producers making a difference to our food system and growing, farming and making food using organic principles. If you’d like to know more about the hub and the producers check these links out :

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