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Why Is Organic Food Better?

We’re going to talk about some of the reasons why we need to champion organic food and why it’s better for people and the planet. Here are seven reasons why organic food is better: 1.   Improving our health outcomes by limiting human exposure to artificial chemicals. Reducing the likelihood of cancer and other diseases, as […]

Why Does Organic Food Cost More?

Price, followed by availability, is the biggest barrier to accessing organic food. There are very good reasons for this and there are things which the government and the food system could do to overcome this. To put pressure on the powers that be to make changes to the price and availability of organic food grown […]

What Organic Food Means To Me

Hi, I’m Lesley the Glenkens Food Hub Coordinator, a project of Propagate. A long time ago I studied Food Science at the University of Leeds. My first job in the food industry was in quality control on one of the least food-like substances that is still in the supermarkets today. Sunny Delight. Wow, that made […]

7 Reasons To Eat Seasonally

Have you ever eaten with the seasons? We don’t really have to anymore as the supermarkets source food from around the world and ship, truck or fly it to our island. So perhaps, like me, you’d got a bit out of touch with what’s in season when. However, since I started growing my own veg […]

What Is Organic Food

As September heralds the call to organic food month, we are running a series of blog posts to share our thoughts and information around all things organic food. In this blog series we’ll explore: ·      What organic food is. ·      Why organic food is better. ·      Why organic food […]